Michelin Radial
XDR/E4 Tire

The Michelin XDR/E4 for haul trucks is engineered to deliver exceptional protection and excellent traction in the most severe mine and quarry conditions.


Founded in 1953 by Carl D'Aquila, Mesabi Radial Tire Company has served the needs of the mining industry.  Our customers range from the shores of Lake Superior to the coal mines of North Dakota.

Mesabi Radial Tire is more than just another earthmover tire distributor.  Mesabi Radial Tire with the help of Michelin, introduced radial earthmover tires to Minnesota’s mining industry almost 30 years ago.  

Mesabi Radial Tire has recently become the Iron Range and North Dakota's exclusively authorized dealer of Rimex. Rimex is the world's premier provider of earthmoving rims and associated products to the mining and construction industries as well as the OEM truck manufacturing industry.

That expertise is now being put to use in Minnesota’s taconite mining industry as well as in the coal mining industry in North Dakota.

The combination of Michelin and Rimex and their associated tires and wheels offers our customers only premier tire and wheel products!




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Michelin XMine Tire

Outstanding protection in severe operating conditions. The Michelin XMine provides improved traction capabilities and extended tire life.